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AJAX Alarms Wellington
AJAX Alarm Installers

A new generation of wireless security systems the most awarded wireless security system in Europe is now available in nZ.

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AJAX Alarms Jeweller Superior wireless connection

Jeweller is AJAX’s proprietary radio technology that offers an advanced level of protection. It is just as reliable as traditional wires and performs better in transferring information. All data is encrypted with a floating key algorithm and the signal is protected to prevent interception or forgery. If jamming occurs the system notifies the owner and switches to a backup frequency.
2000 meteres – Maximum distance between detectors and the Hub (line of sight)
150 milliseconds – Alarm delivery time
12 seconds – Minimum polling period
25 milliwatts – Radio signal power
868.7 to 869.2 MHz – Device and detector operating frequencies

AJAX Alarms Hub intelligent control panel

Ajax Hub enhances the performance of each device in the system. It monitors and controls network devices and collects data using Jeweller, The Hub analyzes threats, filters false alarms and alerts you of any real danger. Additional protection against sabotage makes Ajax Hub unassailable, along with any premises it protects
Jeweller wireless technology allows to monitor securely all network devices up to 2000 metres away in open space
Can work with up to 100 devices simultaneously
Up to 50 users and a security firm can connect to the system for monitoring via Contact ID
Automatic software updates
AJAX Alarm Hub

AJAX Alarms App Home Is just a few clicks away

The Ajax Security System appis a virtual control centre, available day and night. You can check the system status , arm/disarm it or change the system configuration. All with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet. There is no charge or ongoing cost for the app or updates. Download app here
App compatibility: Apple 9.0+ and Android 4.1+

Anti-sabotage threat management

Ajax is designed to prevent both software and hardware attacks. The detectors are protected from physical tampering and the radio channel is secure from jamming and sabotage. The system immediately detects any unwanted intrusions.
Alarm Blackouts


The system reports power failures and continues working from the backup battery

GSM Jamming

GSM Jamming

The system will work in full protection mode through Ethernet

Hacking Attempts

Hacking Attempts

All data is heavily encrypted to ensure safety

Detector Failure

Detector failure

Frequent ‘pinging’ensures an alert is sent as soon as a device stops responding

Internet Issues

internet issues

A backup GSM signal sends notifications in the event of a network failure

Jammed Radio Channel

Jammed Radio channel

The system notifies users and monitoring stations of jamming and switches to a clean frequency

Open Detectors

open detectors

All devices are tamper proof; an instant alarm is sent when the cover is removed

Server Unavailable

Server unavailable

An alert is sent instantly

AJAX Alarms cloud fast | powerfull | easy

Ajax created a digital ecosystem that increases the capabilites of Ajax devices. Thanks to Ajax Cloud, all processes are regulated and accurate. It takes just milliseconds to send an alarm from the Hub to the server and then to the user. The system can be configured remotely with a few clicks. And every remote firmware update increases the functionality of the system.
Hub Polling every 10 seconds
Detailed info about device status
Remote system setup
Automatic software updates
Direct connection with CMS (central monitoring station)

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