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AJAX Alarm Installations

Monitoring & Communication Modules

PSTN – PSTN has traditionally been the way all alarm systems have been monitored (old phone line). Typically this worked fine when using third party monitoring companies to monitor your alarm. These lines will eventually be phased out with the switch to fiber where phone lines are being swapped out to fiber making them IP (Internet Protocol)

IP – IP is now the most common method used for both telecommunication and alarm monitoring. This requires an internet connection at the property to connect. IP still allows for third party monitoring but also allows for self monitoring using smart phone apps with push, text or email notification. Typically the alarm will have a network cable connected directly into your modem. In some cases a Wi-Fi bridge or network switch may be required where accessibility or connections are limited (these components are an additional cost if required).

GPRS – GPRS is used for monitoring alarms where properties have no internet connection and can also be used as a backup communication method in the event that your IP network goes down. This requires a sim chip with data. When using a GPRS module you can opt to supply your own sim chip with data plan (this can work out to be as little as $20-$40 per year) or we can provide one with ongoing data plan for $20 per month. If you are relying solely on GPRS and using your own sim chip you will need to ensure you manage your data so that your alarm continues to be monitored.

Note: The AJAX Hub offers good value for money being both IP and GPRS ready unlike many other brands that require additional modules. 

AJAX App / Remote Control & Self Monitoring

Both IP and GPRS modules allow for self monitoring and management via smartphone user app. This enables you to control and self monitor your alarm from anywhere you have internet access.

AJAX App Compatibility

Apple 9.0+ and Android 4.1+

Download app


When self monitoring your alarm there is no ongoing cost, if opting for third party monitoring we can set you up with our Monitor NZ Bureau. Click here for additional information and pricing on bureau monitoring.

Guard Service

Guard Service is also a third party service and there are a number of local providers who can provide this service. Typical pricing can range between $60-$90 per call out subject to which provider you choose. Please call if you would like a recommendation or wish to discuss Guard Service further.


The AJAX Hub is the only part of the AJAX system that requires a 240V connection, every other component is wireless. You should have a power point near the location you intend to install the Hub. If a power point is not already in location you will either need to arrange an electrician to install one or we can arrange one for you. In the event of a power outage the alarm will switch to backup battery which will last up to 15 hours.

Zones / Partitions / Users

You can add up to 50 users with 100 wireless components split into as many as 9 partitions on AJAX Hub or 99 users with 150 components and 25 partitions on AJAX Hub Plus.


All our installations include commissioning of the alarm and time to run through basic onsite training post installation. Our pricing includes connection from the main control unit to an available network/modem. All installations are subject to being carried out consecutively within our normal working week (8am-5pm Mon-Fri), any site specific restrictions that effect our flow of work may result in additional charges i.e. the need to make multiple calls to site or attend after hours.

240V Work

Where installation of a power point or hardwired connection is included in our price; the quoted amount is based on what Beveridge consider to be a standard installation. The following is a list of some possible reasons why additional costs may incur (this is an indication but not limited to):

  • Existing infrastructure is maxed out with no capacity for additional connections to be made leading to the need for additional parts/materials and/or labour charges.
  • Existing infrastructure does not allow for connection to be made meeting current compliance and requires additional parts/materials and/or labour charges.
  • Accessibility for cable run is not straight forward and creates complications leading to the need for additional parts/materials and/or labour charges.

Note: All online pricing assumes the use of an existing power point.

Overheight Works

Any external works or installation at height (typically external sirens) must be accessible from an extension ladder, any unsuitable terrain or over height works may require additional equipment which would come at an additional cost.


For trade account holders all payments are due 20th of the month following completion.

For all cash accounts (unless otherwise agreed upon prior) payments are due on completion. Where Beveridge have carried out an installation final payment will be required onsite via cash, cheque or credit card payment which will be received by our installer onsite before they leave. Alternatively if you prefer internet banking we can provide a seven day invoice.

***Our notes and exclusions may be updated from time to time without warning***

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